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Documenting God’s Work

I am sitting on the train headed up to the camp for week three, week three is a combination camp made up of Jr. High, High School and 1825er’s group. As I sit here and contemplate the past two weeks, several things that God did here with the kids stand out.

terry, looking forward…ready for more camp


One was the challenges that the kids faced and the subsequent victories that I am sure built character and determination not to be held down by the difficult or fearful. I am sure from catching snippets of conversation that many of the children could see the hand of GOD in most of what they tried and accomplished, and found that amazing. It is one thing to hear about GOD’s working and presence in our lives and quite another to experience it. When a child faces a fear that an adult may consider trivial, but to that child is monumental, and GOD helps them face that fear and overcome it; it becomes a stepping stone to a life of faith.

The most touching moments for me is to see God opening hurts and sometimes deep wounds and begin a healing process that changes the course of a child’s life. After these two camps and what I see in the Human Trafficking Ministry, I believe more than ever that as adults and parents our Lord GOD has given us an awesome responsibility to nurture His love, forgiveness and healing in the lives of the children He has loaned us- ours and those children in our sphere of life-influence. Adults should give children love, honor and acceptance, and teach them, show them that they are deeply loved by GOD, and the treasure of GOD’s heart.

It can all be encapsulated by one Jr. High girl, her words and song. She was in the music tract and Lauren Silva who is a teacher sent them off alone to commune with GOD and His creation and write a song or music that the Lord revealed to them. She did and on Thursday night she shared that God showed her and that she should say to her parents or guardians that they should not abuse/hurt her, if they can’t just love her they give her up, and she sang the song that the Lord had given her. There was not a dry eye in the amphitheater as she sang.

This typified what the Lord was doing along with the laughter and fun.


Terry W Schwartz


visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/therocksandiego/collections/ to see some of the pics  Terry has taken from this week and last 2 weeks


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