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Camp Was Amazing!

Camp can be exhausting, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  But the blessings of seeing lives change by the power of Christ’s Love, and knowing you had a part in God’s working in their lives, is more than enough to make up for hours of sleep lost and a few aches and pains…  when you see the leaders at church, make sure you thank them for their service.   Terry was able to get some of the leaders on the train to share with us their thoughts on the week of camp…

Camp was Amazing!  God’s prescence was definitely felt throughout the entire week.  Watching the students discover that they could personally have an intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior was so amazing.  This camp experience was life changing for both students and counselors.  We were all truly blessed this week.

-Bryanna Corrao


Camp this year focused on relationships with each other, but mostly taking risks and thinking outside the box.  To me this is huge.  Christianity is about letting God revive His kingdom in new and exciting ways.  Not to be confused, its also amazing when a young Jr Higher teaches an older adult about God, that is great.  I love these kids.

-John Darrow


Junior high camp this year was amazing.  I have never seen so many kids conquer their fears on a physical, social and spiritual level.  Camp was very fun and I know that many kids have grown tremendously from their experiences.

-Mike Humphrey


Camp was a week of helping kids grow but I learned and grew more than I could have imagined.  Jesus truly moved in all of our lives and none of us left without experiencing something new and exciting.  I can’t wait until next year!

-Desiree Roughton


I was so blessed to have a cabin full of Jr High girls.  They stretched themselves all week whether it was attempting wakeboarding for the first time or performing an original song in front of 115 peers. Throughout the week they had a blast and were able to make great friends and grow together in Christ.

-Noelle Parks


to see pics from camp, please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/therocksandiego/collections/


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