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1 Week at Camp = Lifetime of Memories

I say it all year…“one week of camp is a lifetime of memories”. I’ll never forget the experiences we have all shared this week as a Jr. high family. I have seen breakthroughs that could have never been bought, spirtual moments that were never planned out, worship that reached the heavens, and tears that touched the ground.

Thank you for sending your child to camp. All the fun activities the youth get to do all day is in no comparison to the spiritual depths these students have taken camp this year. Some of our youth have been able to experience freedom from all kinds of sin, shame, and hurts and have been learning that they are free to become all that the Lord has for them in His Son. Tonight we ended with an our long praise party with dancing. Not a bad way to spend a week of summer!

-Pastor Dru


One response

  1. keep up the great work Terry, your photos are a blessing to so many people

    July 18, 2008 at 4:36 am

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