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Happy Birthday Tiana!

Miss Tiana Justice, 11 year old, 6th grade

My favorite part of the day was going on the bike trip and jumping off a cliff into the water below. We all got into cars and drove over to the perfect biking spot and hiked to the waterfall. Then we did some rock climbing and when we were there pastor Dru told us to jump off the cliff if he would. So a whole bunch of people started jumping…including me! It was cold but everybody loved it. And to top it all off, everybody sang happy birthday to me during dinner because it’s my 11th birthday.

I look forward to skateboarding tomorrow because I’ve never done it before. I bet I’ll fall 20 times. But it will be worth it. : ) Oh by the way…if you’re reading this…”Hi Mom!”

                                                                              xxxooo   Tiana


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