harnessing the power of photography for good

Full Circle: the Body of Christ

its been almost 2 months since Jamaica.  it seems ive looked at every picture the photographers took there.  i really dont have an exact count of how many pics we all took, last i looked, it was somewhere around 15,000+.  and thats just the photo team, not counting the pics i got from those taking pics on their own.  its been fun looking at all the pics, now that ive had some time to look more closely at the pics… 

the photographers had a food and fellowship time the other week.  it was a time for those who went to Jamaica to share about what God did with the rest of the team that didnt make the trip.  we shared some of the pics that were taken in Jamaica, specifically of the med team, school assemblies and community projects.  Art & Rita Diaz came and joined us for fellowship that night, and got to hear and see what God showed us.  Art and his son Jose spent over 2 months in Jamiaca helping lay the groundwork for the work that was done in Jamaica.  

Art was able to see from our pictures, that all the hard work he and Jose had done, resulted in many successful events all over montego bay.  Art was telling us that many of the schools they visited, to arrange assemblies and meetings, they never went back to visit, and to see the faces of the kids smiling and knowing that they heard the Good News of Christ was such a blessing. 

this was such a blessing to all of us as photogrphers, and a very tangible example of the power of an image.  it was such a great example of 1 Corinthians 12, how we are all part of the Body of Christ, each gifted to accomplish certain roles, inorder to further God’s Kingdom, as a team.  the photographers were able to be where Art was, to document the completion of work that Art, Jose and countless others made possible.  so i dont know who was encouraged more, Art or the photographers, from his testimony of God’s work.  i do know that God is real and present in Jamaica, that there are believers in mo bay who love Christ and are daily seeking to advance His Kingdom, and that the work continues…hopefully some day soon we will be able to go back and document what God is still doing in mo bay, because we all heard God’s call in and went.

Praise God


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