harnessing the power of photography for good

Truly Amazing…

Before I left for the Crusade, I was reminded by Nancy to not forget to put the camera down. Being a front row witness to the power of this event gave me a perspective I haven’t experienced in any place. The Holy Spirit was definitely present and moving at this event. I spent a lot of time shooting up front, but there were moments during the praise and message that I couldn’t help but stop and be in awe of God’s moving power. There were people farther than my camera could see.


During the Altar Call, I really wanted to capture the full crowd and see who would make a decision for Christ. But, when the time to raise your hands and make a decision came, I was so overwhelmed by the sea of hands being raised – and so was our staff. We couldn’t have enough people to counsel the number of people that raised their hands. I was one of the few people that, because I had a camera, was directly in front of the stage. There was definitely a huge need. God said, it’s time to put your camera down. I scrambled for pens and dedication sheets. I tried to help as many people as I could. Praise God. The Crusade was moving so fast I could barely process it. But, looking back the power of God was so strong and sweeping, it broke and exceeded any expectations that anyone there could have had. Truly amazing.



go to www.milesahead.tv for videos and pics from last night

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