harnessing the power of photography for good

Inspiring Words

We all have different talents that God has given us. How we use them is what is most important. Whether you are a worship singer, into extreme stunts, or a photographer like myself, how you use those talents to further God’s message is crucial to further your walk with Jesus. Seeing and capturing the moments from the MACJAM was very special to me and it shows that no matter what your talent is, it can be used to further the Word. Normally what usually strikes me the most about events like this is the worship music. I usually can’t get enough of the loud concert music, especially with a backstage pass. 🙂 This time though it was the skateboarders that did it for me. Not only were they great at what they like to do but also were very articulate about spreading the Word. Seeing them bring people forward for Altar Call was truly inspiring.

driveby jim

go to www.mileshead.tv for video and pics from last night

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