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AWE Full

its 7am mobay time, and as i think about last nite, the first words that came to mind to describe the evening at dump up beach was AWE Full!

first, God really hooked us up w the weather! it had rained off and on the last 2 days, and there were reports that it was raining in kingston already. so everyone was praying for good weather, including me, but there was also the understanding that God was in control…last weekends events in mandeville, saw over 30 thousand people come to the 2 day event there, it rained both days!

i spent most of the evening looking out from the stage, as the evening went on and the bands began to play, the crowd filled in and seem to go all the way to the back of dump up beach. by the time miles came up to share about the free gift of life in Christ, there were people as far as you could see, and they were all lined up along the fence surrounding the beach. it was truly an amazing sight, totally different than other crusades ive been part of. in the end, what matters is Christ. when miles asked those who wanted to accept Christ, and receive the free gift of life by faith, there were hands up everywhere! it looked like each counselor was with 5 or 10 folks, so many that it was hard for the counselors to get to them all because the crowd was so packed. too many folks coming to Christ and wanting to know what to do next is a good thing i reckon.

anyway, i will have pics up soon, in the meantime yall can go to www.milesahead.tv to see video and pics from last night.

blessed mon.


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