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The Arrival…



The flight felt like it lasted forever.  In total it was about 13 hours with the layover in Newark (or something like that), but I think the cold that I was carrying into it made it feel longer…  The best part of the long trip though, was the fellowship.  I came on this trip essentially knowing my fiancé and maybe a small handful of others… In the airport, on the plane, and everything in between – Vaness and I got to know a whole bunch of different people from the church.  For me, starting the trip that way, was a blessing.


Speaking of meeting people, the people of Jamaica are beyond anything that the word hospitable describes.  Very giving and humble, each person that we met in Jamaica on our way to the hotel greeted us with an impressionable personality.  It was the type of encounter that made you want to know more about who they were.  Back home, we often brush shoulders with people and we don’t even think about it.  This picture was taken of the one and only guy assigned to help us load our luggage on the bus.  I put my luggage down and stopped.  I felt a bit awkward that he was loading nearly 80 people’s bags on to the bus by himself.  I offered to help and grabbed a bag to put in the bus, then the driver stopped me and said, “It’s okay mon, no worries, let him do it.”  He continued on, pouring with sweat in the hot and humid air serving our group.  He had a quiet way about him, but you could tell he had a servant’s heart. 


From the moment of the arrival of our group – God showed us the type of people we ourselves were going to serve – beautiful, humble, and hospitable.  The entire journey thus far had been full of amazing people – and we haven’t even started yet…




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