harnessing the power of photography for good

Medical Team Bus Loading


Medical Team Bus Loading


Day 1 – I’m Jim Wanglund and recently joined the Rock Photographers.  Originally I had planned on working on the community projects mural team but God decided to lead me to work with my hobby and passion for photography.   Thanks to God and the leadership team especially Brother Joe and Kevin Loomis for showing me the way and supporting me in pursuing what God was calling me to do.  To think a few short years ago I wouldn’t have even thought of volunteering for something as selfless as a mission trip.  Now I have a way to do something I enjoy as well as serve the Lord. 


There is nothing like capturing a moment that can show the emotion of an event.  I have always been into landscape photography but people have become my new interest.  Getting that point in time where someone was lending a helping hand, listening to someone who is troubled or preaching the Word is exciting and gives me my place in God’s design.  We all come from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences but when we come together to help others in Jesus’ name, all of the differences fade away in the light of Him.  Fear of the unknown fades when we walk the path that God has chosen for us.  He has known long before we were born what we would do in this world to ready us for the next. 


Getting others to see the light of faith in Jesus through others good works is what I’m about and even though I may not always get the story behind an image sometimes the image will speak for itself.  Helping others in the name of Jesus is my passion that I hope to convey to you through my photos.  I am not a street evangelist, a community projects leader, or part of the children’s ministry but through the passion of others and my photography I hope to tell a story of the power of Christ.  Please pray for those that are lost and if you are lost please listen to God as he is always trying to talk to you in some way.  Maybe one of my photos or someone’s works in the picture might be that turning point for you.  Seeking Him out in your heart will make you feel things that you never thought possible.  It will change you as a person forever. 


 May God Bless You,   

 Jim, a.k.a. drive-by, is used to shooting trees, mountains and small defenseless animals in the wilderness.  God has brought him to the team and is a welcome edition to the Rock Photographers.  






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