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Christmas in April

Christmas in April is a great description of why we are in Jamaica.  Check out the entry on milesahead.tv,


As im listening to “A Charlie Brown Christmas” by Vince Guaraldi,  it’s 77 outside with 94% humidity, and thats at 1:30am MoBay time.  Daniel, Jim and I are working away at 3 different computers editing pics from the days shoots.  Tonight we looked at more pics than i can count, posted several new blog entries and moved some of today’s pics to Flickr.  It all couldn’t have happened without the team of photographers God has brought to the Rock, a gift in itself. 

This blog was an idea we’ve had for some time now,  but it wasn’t till God brought Trevor back to the Rock, with his new bride, that we were able to get this thing going.  Thanks again Trevor for helping us get the blog going.  Along with drive-by and jet li (Daniel), Brittany is making her debut with us in Jamaica, another gift.  I’ve talked with Brittany several times over the years about helping take pics with the Rock Photographers, i guess she decided to wait for a big stage to start shooting for us.  Welcome.

Along with these new folks, Alex and Liza are here shooting as well.    It would have been great to have the whole team here, maybe next time.  



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