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All I Have…



We haven’t even started serving yet and I felt like God has shown me so much. Today, our entire group was divided up and went to experience church at 8 different places in Jamaica.  I tagged along with the Children’s Ministry group and went to a church called The Meeting Place.  I have never experienced church this way before and for me it was more than just an eye opening experience – it was almost overwhelming.  The service lasted for about two and half hours and for 90 minutes we worshiped – that’s right – more than the length of time we spend at an entire service back home, we spent worshiping God.  But, that wasn’t the reason why going to church here moved me.  What overwhelmed me was the presence of the Holy Spirit in this worship.  The regular attendees of this church felt free and so happy to praise – it was more than just raising your hands and clapping.  Voices were at their highest the entire time, people felt that they could dance, and if so moved, people came up to the altar just to fall to their knees in worship.


Worship and the way that I express it to God has always been somewhat of a growing experience in and of itself.  When I first came to Christian church, clapping was as far as I could get for me to tell God thank you for every single blessing He has ever poured out to me… wow.  Then I eventually moved from the alligator arms, to a full surrender – with my entire musically illiterate voice…  My worshiping of God, I felt, has been growing so much and has been really good.  But, to come to this space and realize that church for the people of Jamaica (I hear that almost all the services were similar at the other churches) experience their worship like this on a regular basis?! Let’s just say that it makes me feel like I haven’t even begun worshiping God with my full self.  Experiencing church here is showing me that in my worship – God is asking me for all I have, not just my voice or my arms, but all I have…


This picture was actually captured during our group worship times in the evening in our meeting room.  For me, seeing people worship in all different ways has helped me gain so much more understanding of what worshiping God can be.  Falling to my knees and humbling myself before God or closing my eyes and lifting my hands, God is as really asking me to give Him all that I have.  And given the blessings He endlessly pours out to me, that really isn’t too much to ask.




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