harnessing the power of photography for good

Back Row View

Thank you Jesus!

It’s actually Sunday evening, and I’m already tired. I know how much work it’s gonna be, and perhaps I’m just preparing myself for the whirlwind of activity that’s to come…as I sit and type this out, I am reminded of the things God has shown me already. He reminds me in the middle of being frustrated and even discouraged right now. Why? It doesn’t matter really, it’s just something the enemy does and if not for God’s Grace and His provision in times like this, I’d be on a slow boat to SD. I traveled with Nikki to Montego Bay, just the 2 of us from SD, because because…No worries, the important thing is what God showed me along the way.


The picture is of Nikki and Holly, a fellow traveler on the road to MB. Holly was in the row in front of me, seated between her mother and Nikki. As we approached MB and could see the beautiful water and then land, Holly kept moving over to sit with Nikki in order to look out the window at the sights below us. I saw the 2 of them and could hear them talk about what they were viewing… always ready, I started shooting what I saw in front of me. It took a few shots to get this image, since they were talking to each other and looking out the window repeatedly. But I got my shot.


It is a simple reminder from God, and a lesson I’m just now realizing…that God has so much to show me of His beautiful creation, and I just need to sit in His lap, and wait for Him to show me what’s truly important in life. Then, when He says “look,” I will be ready to see what God is showing me. And perhaps if it’s something He wants me to share, only then will I take the picture for the world to see. The beauty of photography is that what moves me, might not affect you, and what one person considers an ordinary picture, can truly encourage many, when explained in the context of God. Jim has a quote he attaches to his emails that I feel is very appropriate here…Something about the 12 inches behind the camera that makes a good picture, attributed to Ansel Adams. But the more profound statement (in my humble opinion) is from Jim…The camera, the 12 inches behind the camera…..it all means nothing without the  One who created it all.


This ultimately is our mission as photographers. To document through photography, what God is doing in our midst today, whether it be 1 row in front of us, in Jamaica, or in your backyard…that God might be glorified in our work.


John 3, verse 21 says “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through Christ.



This is our goal, to bring to light what God is doing, that the world may see plainly, obviously, without a hint of doubt, that what we are doing is because of Christ.  What I am doing, is because of Christ.


Thank you Jesus for the privilege of having a back row view of the show, it truly is amazing!


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